OfferShort packaging series, personalised printing, rapid execution

Our main activity is production of packaging, among others, for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. Work in these segments of the market means realisation of very high quality standards at each production stage. This, in turn, guarantees the highest standards of work to all our clients. Before realising a larger production volume and commissioning a new punching tool, we produce a production prototype.

The printing itself can be made in the standard CMYK palette, with a wider gamut CMYK+OVG, with a white underprint or using additional special colours mixed at the company's seat at special request.

Thanks to that, we allow a far-reaching personalisation of production, using even changing data at the Pantone paints channels. After the printing, depending on the production volume and the requirement, the packaging is digitally cut with a cutting plotter or punched. At this stage, we also add Braille marking which, together with the other processes, undergoes a verification process at the department of quality control, which uses the advanced EyeC platform. The packaging is glued and packed according to the guidelines and ready to be sent further down the road.

The order completion time may be shortened even to one day, including all of the above processes.

In many cases, the printing houses, graphic design studios, or even advertising agencies need an experienced and solid partner in the realisation of dedicated tasks.

Based on digital printing in HP Indigo technology, we have the ability to realise orders which constitute the continuation of the offset printing – in an unchanged quality, also using the Pantone paints. We are mostly focused on plano high quality printing, according to all the requirements of the client, also within short deadlines. We are able to store a stock of surfaces to minimise the time needed to initiate the printing at our premises. On request, we offer additional services of punching, pressing, marking with Braille, cutting, folding and cutting with a cutting plotter.

Minimum production volume for digital printing is one piece. It does not seem like a lot, but it is enough for us to create a complete box without a loss and using the procedures of a real production process. We can print simulating over 98% of colours from the Pantone Solid Coated+ palette, cut and fold the packaging according to any design of the punching tool and hand the ready product over to the client. If you are interested in a digital printing with mixed Pantone paints, we offer products which are the ideal continuation of production in the traditional technology. This way, we can realise any number of graphic projects in the form of ready packaging according to the corporate identity book.

We are happy to announce that we are the only provider of print in the country which offers such a variety of services for prototype packaging. Realisation of prototype packaging has a number of advantages: from the visual assessment of the product, through its use in the focus studies, to the confirmation of the correct assumptions of industrial development.

Moreover, we produce prototypes from corrugated cardboard, solid cardboard, and from through-coloured paper, which need a white underprint.

A product starts with the design. On the other hand, complex service demands the graphic studio to be closely integrated with the production.

Realisation of packaging does not always mean one pattern multiplied by a thousand or even million pieces. We are working more and more often with changing data where each product is unique: both regarding the graphics and the content. Preparing these type of files demands greater experience.

The studio which cooperates with us is B-612. They deal not only with the aforementioned problems, but also with the verification of the graphics in relation to the punching tool and the accuracy of the delivered materials themselves.